Filmmaking Talk/Workshop by Nadiah Hamzah

‘Stories Through Film’ by Nadiah Hamzah

Saturday 16 FEBRUARY 2019
10am – 3pm


Come join us & filmmaker Nadiah Hamzah in our very first filmmaking talk / workshop. She will be sharing her experience and provide a thorough introduction to filmmaking, allowing our participants to learn a great amount in a very short time. Covering the basic elements of filmmaking — from story development, screenwriting and directing the scene. Here’s what you can expect from your tiny Saturday film school on the 16th February!

Stories through Film by Nadiah Hamzah
10AM – 1015AM

1015AM – 11AM
Introduction & Ice Breaking Session
Identifying what kind of filmmaker you want to be, what stories you want to tell

11AM – 12PM
Thoughts to Script
Finding an idea, creating memorable characters and playing with story structure/group discussion + activity

12PM – 1PM
From Script to Screen-
Learning how to visualise scripts, basics of storyboarding, creating the ‘world’

1PM – 1.15PM
Short break (hot drinks, water, sandwiches will be served for free!)

1.30PM – 3PM
Final Presentation//Sharing Session

( Please note that Nadiah Hamzah will join us again for another follow-up workshop on filmmaking in March 2019! )

PRICE : RM80 only
(free Tiny Forest tote bag and a note book, drinks and snacks will be provided)

Join us, sign up now by emailing us or fill up the form below!
(Deposit 50% is required.)


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