TINY FOREST TALK : Adil Halim “Enhancing Life through Drumming” Saturday, 19 JANUARY 2019, 10am – 12pm

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Enhancing Life through Drumming
19 JANUARY 2019
(*NEW TIME* : 10am-12pm)

Ages 15 and above

47CC6242-BC58-4FD4-851D-CDBC2689796A.JPGCome join our first ever Tiny Talks! Join Adil Halim, who plays the drums for Malaysia’s alternative rock band Seven Collar T-shirt, songstress Yuna, and also No Noise Percussion. Perfect for those who are thinking about learning how to play drums, those who are already performing on stage, or those who just want to hang out and talk about music!

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 4.16.07 PM copy.pngHere are the key points that will be discussed at his workshop/talk

Sharing Adil’s experiences being a full time musician/drummer, learn how to :-
•appreciate & create opportunities
•work with various kinds of musicians/artists
•deal with challenges (failure/motivation/sickness/idea etc)
•handle expectations (self/people)
•know yourself as a better person (decision making)
•plan your music career
•be a better drummer(musician)
•appreciate knowledge (music is science)
•market and handle jobs
Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 4.15.35 PM.png

Technical Talks definitely!
•daily routine exercises (build own challenges)
•drum tuning tips (bring your drums for tuning)
•drum setup
•electronic drums
•importance of being a laptop musician


SEATS LIMITED TO 20 PAX! Goodie bags, drinks and snacks included
Join us, sign up now by emailing us tinyforestsj@gmail.com or fill up the form below!
(Deposit 50% is required.)

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